Republic Day speech in English

Hello friends, today i am going to talk about republic day. Its common topic right. But i have to tell you the different things in this article which you never heard before. So, its 26 January Republic Day speech in English.

You are thinking that i am going to share the brief history of India and why we celebrate republic day. No my dear, if you are thinking so then you are wrong.

Today i am going to share my point of view for growing india. India right, a country of multiple languages, religion and peace. Actually i think its not a Pride but the opportunity for political purposes and part of ruling mechanism.

People in India are only of three types based on religion, language and nature.

First type consists of those people who just wanted to enjoy the moment happening around. They don’t care about, if it is good or bad or what impact on society. These people are reason for mob leaching like activities.

Second type consists of those who has no interest in what happening and what impact these things will cause. Theses are people who has role in only population count. They just increase population and nothing else.

The third type people are very intelligent. They know what is power, how this power can be manipulated and also they have ability to control and manipulate the above two types.

Sorry, but you understand. Yaap the third type are of politician. If they are loyal then they can give india a supper power. And if they are not sincere then can lead India to bottom.

We have the power. A power that can manipulate and control whole world. Ok, we think it as what is needed to control the world !?

I tell you, we need labour to manufacture, we need doctor for health and we need engineers to compete the world.

For money we need market. A being proud Indian i can tell you that we have largest market. So, where are we lacking. Actually problem is in our thinking.

People types above said are important equally. The first type can be treated as the active members and the second type are included in private sector. The third type can make government.

My country is not a poor country. We have values, the values which attracts other countries to involve. Whether working aspects or market.

Old people in our house always told us the morality of anything which we do.

This is our country where mother and father are god. Sister and brothers are well wishers. And grand parents are osm.

Then my question is where we are lacking !? People think government has not taken there responsibility. Actually a country where if found government is weak then no one care about them. And this the  question which challenges our value.

Hope you like what i have written. If yes then let me know in comments. Happy republic day. Yaap its 26 January.