Why We Need A Dentist?

I am Dr.Pulkit Jain,and I am here to aware you that why we need to go to a dentist.

Dentist and other Doctors

As we all know that in our country profession of being a doctor is well respected,especially those persons who are graduated in MBBS degree.But dentist who are graduated in BDS,does not get equivalent respect because people are not aware how much important they are as like other doctors.For example,in everyday life if we get fever,common cold,these are common to every people in this planet so everyone has knowledge that who can treat this and why should we go for treatment but effect of these infections and disease is on our whole body except the teeth which are utmost important to us.So a mbbs doctor cannot tell the patient to go to a dentist.These are also important for our look of the face.Another thing that diseases in the teeth are not common among people.And most of the people think that only brushing teeth prevent all diseases that occurs in teeth but this is a misnomer as there are other factors also and like most people don’t know proper technique of brushing.And because of this disease is slowly progressing in our teeth and only prevention is to go to a dentist.Some congenital defects of teeth also present which can also be treated by a dentist only.Most importantly if there occurs any infection in our teeth and if early treatment does not occur this can cause fatal damage to our teeth and adjacent tissues and infection spread through blood to other parts of the body.And in severe cases it may also leads to conditions of death.So go to a dentist because tooth is the only part of our body which is not self healed itself.Once it lost,it lost forever.

Relation of tooth with body

As we all know every part of the body has it’s own importance like hands are for holding and legs for walking etc.So tooth is also important for esthetics.If someone’s face does not look good and if the person smiles and does not look good then he feels disappointed and also people get the chance to to depress his/her mental feeling.

You will keep smiling till your teeth is shining.

Do you know!like other parts of the body,our tooth also has a rich blood and nerve supply.If any infection occurs in a tooth it may spread through blood to different parts of the body via blood and can cause serious damage to body parts.

Natural is natural it can be saved so prevention is better than replacement. 

General symptoms to visit a dentist

  • Sensitivity towards hot and cold.
  • Pain.
  • Bleeding due to tooth brushing.
  • A opaque White spot observed on the surface of tooth indicates primary stage of caries(tooth decay).
  • Plaque(Discoloration of the tooth surface).

Hope you understand the importance of dentist and role played by dentist in your life.