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How To Encrypt Keyboard To Avoid Keyloggers?

  1. Steps :-

    Step 1. First of all download and install the toolKeyScrambler. You Can Easily Get it on Google

    Step 2. Now after downloading, install it and after complete installation, you have to reboot your system.

    Step 3. Now when your computer boots up, right click on the icon of Key-scrambler in the system tray at the bottom of a screen.

    Step 4. Now choose options from there and Key scrambler will open

    Step 5. Now you can alter settings in this according to your wish and after that simply click on ok. Now your key scrambler app is ready, open your browser and type anything you can see that your keystrokes are being encrypted.

    That’s it! you are done, now you can see this tool every time you open your browser.

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