Adsense Problems

Hello friends, Today we are going to discuss total three Adsense Problems which are commonly seen.

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Three problems

1. Ads shown are limited.

2. No ads are shown but adsense account is okay.

3. Adsense account is terminated.

We will discuss theses three Adsense problems in detail below with possible solution. And please if it helped or any mistake then please let me know in Comments.

1. Ads Shown Are Limited.

Okey, if the above message is shown in google adsense then it mean three reasons.

A. Too much Direct traffic to website.
B. Self clicking or using bots scripts to auto click ads.
C. Or using low quality traffic source.

Too much Direct traffic means Google is not finding anything value and still you are getting much more then expected traffic to your website.

Self clicking is simple and hope you understand what this point means to you.

But if you want to know how Google identify whether the click is genuine or self clicked then click here.

But if you want to know how Google identify whether the click is genuine or self clicked then click here.

Low quality traffic source meaning is that a ads agency which do not follow any policy and terms made by Google. Ans how this effects to you is explained here.

If you are advertising your website containing Google ads through low quality or above said life agency. Then Google has already noticed that agency is not following rules and traffic comes to you through them will probably produce negative impact in eyes of Google.

2. No ads are shown but adsense account is okay.

This is another problem that happens when your site content is reported again and again. Multiple copyrighted strikes, lead a negative impact of your website in eye of Google. This will block your website for ads and also your account may go in review.

The solution for this perticular problem is just remove all the content and ads from website. And rest should be left for Google team.

3. Adsense account is terminated.

If this has happened then you can only request review. Still you do not get your account then you can request again but after sometime. A minimum of 1 month gap should be given between two requests.

Now the problem of limited ads is solved in detail here. Read and follow it carefully. Also don’t forget to let me know in comments if it helped or not.

When you get message of limited ads, then immediately you should do following steps

1. Remove all the ads from website.

2. Remove ads.txt file from your hosting file manager. You will find this file in public directory of your website hosting file manager.

3. And wait till message got inactive or disappeared.

4. Now when message is disappeared then you should only activate auto ads and do not place any manual ads. Please note you should not activate manual ads for a month and you should only activate manual ads.

If you follow the above method you will not get message again. And if you again missed any step then you should perform all steps again.

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We have covered all the common problems in this article. Hope you all like it. If you face any other problems then please let me know in comments.