Facebook blocked Website !

Hello friends, Today we are going to learn something important if you are a website developer or something informative if reading out of interest.

What is Facebook Blocking Website ?

Ok, I think this is the problem for which you are here. Let’s understand what is blocking.

Facebook is a Social Media Network or largest brand in world of social media. And social media are the palaces on internet where people meat virtually.

It is large. So, people or Facebook workers are not able to handle all the stuff occurring on there platform, like millions of people. So, they made bots. And due to there not understanding this blocking occur.

What is Bot ?

Now its questions in your mind that what is a bot. So, to handle large work which is to be done on same way, the automated scripts are made. Which activated on special conditions.
They identifies the problem and work according to coding.
Theses are called as bots. Facebook largely depends on theses bots. Problem of misunderstanding starts here.

Purpose of Bots !

These automated scripts are made for working on repeating task. Theses reduce the work load on worker and time is saved as a result of this.

On what basis a website is blocked ?

There are many factors which effect your website on Facebook.

1. Multiple sharing of website link.

2. Sharing links without content and explain.

3. website on auto sharing and the gap is less.

4. Two much sharing on groups.

5. Your website content is reported to much time.

Now When Your Website Is Blocked Then What To Do ?

Now when your Website is blocked on fields of spamming then what to do !

Basically there is no responsiveness towards customer care from facebook.

So, you have to try harder to get your website unblocked.

1. Send mail to Facebook.

2. Tell your friends and genuine users to mail to Facebook.
3. Open facebook developers console. And open debbug. There they will ask you for feedback, give them that and make sure to take them in confidence.

If None Of The Method work then better to change the Domain. Also you can go for dubbing or url masking.

The above article is 100% genuine and worked. Hope you follow it and get your website unblocked.

Soon i am posting a article for coding and url masking. So, download Wiki-VoW® App or make on notification.