Fast Your Website

Hello Guys! Today we are going to discuss a important topic of how to fast your website. Actually topic importance can be understood only by website owner.

Ok, let’s start with the topic.

How the mechanism of fasting the Website work ?

Answer of this question is very simple. You have a domain and whatever is posted on this domain stored at a place, virtual place called hosting. Now all these things combined make a website.

There are searching terms described as keywords from where the user come to your website. Now to know what is searched, Google and any other server make some request. And here comes the role which makes possible reasons of website speed.

Reasons on which website speed depends !

1. Script loading.

2. Image size.

3. Image orientation.

4. Server response time.

5. Request made by website on every click.

Solving The issues

Script Loading

Now, there is a system in which similar type of coding remain in single place on hosting. And this system is called script minifying. On WordPress it can be done by some plugins and W3 is free and best.

Image Size And Orientation

Image is a creative concept on website blogs. But what if image size is large.

The server load increase on loading big size images.
To reduce this we can also use a wordpress plugin or external source for reducing size. Now the external source is JPG compressor online. Here we can compress the image. And hence can make it load faster.

Second alternative is to reduce the size by plugin on website. Now for this smash is good option as it is free and have a user friendly interface.

Image orientation is also used by Google to index and load faster.

Server Response Time

Have you ever heard about DNS redirect. It is the component which redirects user to desired website.
Most of time this can be a time consuming process and can slow down the website.

This can be corrected by contacting domain providers or hosting provider can help you out with this.

Now, others request can be managed by different and small thinks like clearing logs, cache and like these things.

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