Google Adsense tricks

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What is Google Adsense?

The simple and basic question, and the answer is also very much simple. Google Adsense is dream of people who are YouTuber or who own website. It is most revenue providing platform, which is based on online earning. Many people are just surviving just because of this adsense because the earning which they earn on adsense is enough for them and there family.

Possible benefits of Google Adsense?

There are benifits of the things which attracts people. Here i am going to discuss some of benifits making Google Adsense number one in world of internet or online earning.

1. Trusted because its program of Google.

2. Managed and owned by Google.

3. Large revenue giving platform.

4. Many Google tools work and syn to adsense.

5. Live and daily count.

6. Simple and understanding interface.

Google as Ads Agency

Google earn its highest income from ads displayed by it on different platforms. And this thing is important to tell you because this shows how much Google is securing its investors. The ads income is distributed according. Like on YouTube, Google takes about 40 to 45% of total income generated on ads. And similarly on blogging website, Google takes about 30 to 35% of total income earned from Google ads.

Google uses click paid system, means if ad is being clicked then only it will give credit of that ad.

Google Adsense Bots And Security Checks

Yes, Google has its own security check for protecting there customer from fraud. Google cross check revenue earned by you. And checks whether the click on ads was done according to terms and conditions. Also they check whether click was done by you and if they found so, they will just cancel the click and regular doing this will lead to your AdSense termination.

Tricks for fooling Google

Ok, first of all i am a genuine one of the writer and have the post of author at Wiki-VoW®. What ever here is told can not harm you and your account. These are simple tricks and no fraud and hacking stuff.

Now, let’s Start

1. Is your AdSense revenue Low !

If your AdSense revenue is low, then just place ads at right place. Means in my point of view, very little ads are consciously clicked. Or in other words most of the people click ads by mistake.

2. Is Self clicking can give you more income ?

Ok, now this is one of the importance topic. First of all we have to find out how Google bots identify the self click or fake click.

Google bots observed the pointer location on screen while visiting the content where the ads are running. Now, if a person open a link and on that he or she directly going to ad and clicking will make Google understand.

So, here is the trick. Visit your content on your phone or pc, scroll the full content and wait for 10 to 15 seconds and then click any ad there. Now visit that ad by scrolling that ad site for up to 30 seconds.

This will lead you to a genuine click in eye of Google Bots. And never be too fast, you can click the ads on single device for 10 to 15 times a day and remember to give time gap of 1 to 2 hours between every self click.

Here is one another tip, you can use different devices but never become too smart thinking that you will use VPN and this will make Google fool. No, Google has your activities and he can find out in which area this happened and can terminate your Google Adsense account permanently.

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